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The “ Walking Jug

The “Walking Jug” has been a long standing tradition of the NOMTOC ball. When theToastmistress introduces the “Walking Jug” ball goers know the Coronation of King NOMTOC is officially underway. In 2009 the “Walking Jug” was introduced to the Algiers Community as the official start of the Krewe of NOMTOC Parade.









The 2014 version of the Walking Jug grew in number to include past Kings, Jug Members and long-term supporters of the Jugs. Members of the Walking Jugs are:

James Henderson, Jr. (NOMTOC XXV)

Charles Ragas (NOMTOC XXVII)

David Lee Lewis (NOMTOC XXVIII)

Ed Debiew (NOMTOC XXX)

Alex Selico-Dunn (NOMTOC XXXIII)

Roy McCorkle (NOMTOC XXXV)

Leonard Hillard, Jr. (NOMTOC XLIV)

Sherman L. Weary, Sr. (NOMTOC XLV)

Nolan McSwain (Treasurer)

Theodore Sanders, III (Financial Secretary)

Jug Members:

Carl A. Coleman   -   Grayling Bocage    -   Lydell Johnson  

Eric Lazard -   Troy Oliver  -  David Lewis


Past Kings and Jug Members lead the 2014 NOMTOC Parade

The 2014 Version of the “Walking Jug”

Past Kings in Full Stride on Holiday Drive